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ההתקנה מהירה וקלה ודורשת רק מספר צעדים פשוטים. בוילר GROHE Red הדקיק יושב בצורה מסודרת מתחת לכיור, ושומר על משטח עבודה מסודר.


  • מקום פנוי של 35X35X50 ס"מ (גובהXרוחבXעומק)
  • ספק כוח 230 וולט
  • מעגל עם צריכת חשמל פנויה של 2200W
  • אספקת מים קרים ראשית

שאלות נפוצות

How much space do I need in the cabinet to install GROHE Red?

Both boilers have a diameter of 21cm. The M-size boiler has a hight of 37cm while the L-size Boiler has a hight of 49cm.

How many litres of boiling water can I get with the L-size boiler?

The L-size boiler delivers 5.5L of boiling water.

What is the water temperature out of a GROHE Red boiler?

The temperature of the boiling water coming out of the spout is 100°C.

Can the boiler also be used for the regular supply of warm water?

The boiler can provide warm water if it is connected to the GROHE Red mixing valve. If your kitchen has a cold water connection only the valve will mix boiling with cold water from the mains supply to create warm water for the mixed water lever of your tap. This replaces the need for a direct water heater.

If your kitchen features a cold and warm water mains supply the mixing valve can still be used to bypass the period until the central heating reaches the desired warm water temperature. In this case the valve will mix boiling water with the initially cold water from the warm water mains supply. This results into immediate availabilty of warm water.?The mixing valve is available as an accessory via the product code 40841001.

If all the water in the boiler has been used, how long does it take for the water to reach maximum temperature again?

Depending on the water inlet temperature the heating time of the L-size boiler is 20-30 minutes.

What are the operating costs for GROHE Red?

Approx. 10 cents per day in stand-by mode, based on German costs for electricity.

Why do I need to install a filter with my GROHE Red?

To protect the boiler from limescale, GROHE recommends the use of a filter. If the water hardness is above 10°degrees, the filter is mandatory to guarantee a long lifetime of the boiler. The filter set is part of each GROHE Red set.

How do I install the filter with GROHE Red?

The filter will be connected between the cold water supply and the boiler. The required hose is part of the scope of delivery.

What do I need to consider when installing GROHE Red?

The boiler must only be filled via the cold water supply. Furthermore, a safety unit has to be mounted with the waste trap, which is included in the product packaging.

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רשום עכשיו את מערכת המים GROHE שלך וקבל אחריות לשנים נוספות! פשוט לחץ על הקישור הבא, בחר במוצר שלך והזן את תאריך הרכישה וההתקנה. אישור האחריות יישלח אליך בדוא"ל. זה כזה פשוט!

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